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Číslo:45A/1291/CDV - IEC 63096 ED1
Komise:IEC/SC 45A
Název komise:Instrumentation and control of nuclear facilities
Návrh uveřejněn:14.10.2019
K připomínkám do:10.12.2019
Contact email:cermak(at)agentura-cas.cz

Since strict requirements on safety and availability of nuclear I&C apply, due consideration of cybersecurity threats is needed.

Since nowadays nuclear I&C programmable digital systems are largely based on digital systems including networks, individual I&C systems are more and more interconnected, and the I&C equipment is widely spread within the NPP area, security controls for prevention, detection and correction are needed to protect nuclear I&C programmable digital systems from external and internal cybersecurity threats.

The objective of this standard is to extend the SC45A series of documents addressing cybersecurity with IEC 62645 as its top-level document, by defining nuclear I&C programmable digital system specific security controls for I&C systems of the Safety Classes 1, 2, 3 and for non-classified (NC) I&C systems. The safety classification of I&C systems, and associated safety requirements, are among the biggest differences compared to typical IT systems and standard industrial automation systems. Annex B contains a correspondence between IEC 62645 and IEC 63096.

This standard, based on the security controls defined in ISO/IEC 27002, reflects the special security control requirements for nuclear I&C programmable digital systems. The original ISO/IEC 27002 requirements are either modified, detailed or completed, wherever deemed necessary from a nuclear I&C programmable digital system perspective. Additional nuclear I&C programmable digital system specific security controls that are not identified in ISO/IEC 27002, but deemed necessary are also added.

IEC 63096 refers in detail to a distinct version of IEC 27002 (see clause 2, Normative references). A later modification of IEC 27002 must not automatically influence the modifications, detailing and completions given by IEC 63096 without analysing the consequences from the nuclear I&C perspective.

By applying and extending the ISO/IEC 27002 security controls, this standard implicitly reflects all lifecycle phases of nuclear I&C programmable digital system platforms and systems.

By selecting the highly recommended security controls based on the processes as defined in IEC 62645 and the additional process details described within this standard the risk level will be reduced to an acceptable level.

The selection of security controls shall ensure that both safety and security requirements are met according to IEC 62859. If a specific security control negatively influences safety, safety prevails (see IEC 62859) and a compensatory security control should be implemented.

For the development of this standard ISO/IEC 27009 has been followed as far as applicable, also considering that the ISO/IEC 27009 is not binding for the SC45A IEC standard series.

ISO/IEC 27019 explicitly excludes the “process control domain of nuclear facilities”. 

NOTE: The term “process control domain of nuclear facilities” is a quote from the ISO/IEC 27019.

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