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Číslo:64/2305/CDV - IEC 60364-7-701 ED3
Komise:IEC/TC 64
Název komise:Electrical installations and protection against electric shock
Návrh uveřejněn:3.09.2018
K připomínkám do:30.10.2018
Contact email:cermak(at)agentura-cas.cz

The particular requirements of this part of IEC 60364 apply to electrical installations in indoor or outdoor locations which contain or will contain a bath tub and/or a shower intended to be permanently placed in a specific location

The extent of the location containing a bath tub and/or a shower is limited by:

the lowest finished floor level; and

a horizontal plane 3 m above the lowest finished floor level; and

a vertical circumscribing virtual surface at a distance of 4 m from the fixed water outlet for the bath tub or shower; and

the volume within the walls, floor and ceiling that border to the location containing a bath or shower, measured to a depth of 6 cm.

The requirements of this standard also apply to fixed electrical installations in mobile applications, for example caravans, mobile homes, shower containers. This standard does not apply to emergency facilities, e.g. emergency showers used in industrial areas or laboratories.

NOTE 1 For locations containing a bath or shower for medical treatment, special requirements may be necessary.

NOTE 2 For prefabricated bath and/or shower units, see also IEC 60335-2-105.

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