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Číslo:9/2449/CDV - IEC 60077-5 ED2
Komise:IEC/TC 9
Název komise:Electrical equipment and systems for railways
Návrh uveřejněn:24.09.2018
K připomínkám do:28.11.2018
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The purpose of this part of IEC 60077 gives additional or amended rules for high voltage (HV) fuses as a supplement to those given by IEC 60077-2.

NOTE In this document the term high voltage fuses is used in the context of the voltages used in the field of railway rolling stock.

The high voltage fuses concerned are those connected into power and/or auxiliary circuits. The nominal voltage of these circuits lies between 600 V DC and 3 000 V DC, according to IEC 60850. These fuses can also be used in auxiliary AC circuits up to a nominal voltage of 1 500 V.

NOTE Certain of these rules, after agreement between the user and the manufacturer, are used for fuses installed on vehicles other than rail rolling stock such as mine locomotives, trolleybuses, etc.

This document together with IEC 60077-2 states specifically:

a)  the characteristics of the fuses;

b)  the service conditions with which the fuses complies with reference to:

–   operation and behaviour in normal service;

–   operation and behaviour in case of short circuit;

–   dielectric properties.

c)  the tests intended for confirming the compliance of the fuse with the characteristics under the service conditions and the methods adopted for these tests;

d)  the information marked on, or given with, the fuse.

This document does not cover parallel connection of fuses.

During preparation of this document, IEC 60269-1 and IEC 60282-1 have been considered and their requirements have been kept as far as possible.

This document makes reference to the general rules for electrotechnical components given in IEC 60077-2, but for general conditions reference is made directly to IEC 60077-1.

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