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Číslo:prEN 16604-10
Komise:CEN/CLC/JTC 5
Název komise:Space
Návrh uveřejněn:15.10.2018
K připomínkám do:3.12.2018
Oblast zaměření:Letectví a kosmonautika
Contact email:cermak(at)agentura-cas.cz

This document defines the primary space debris mitigation requirements applicable to all elements of systems launched into, or passing through, near-Earth space, including launch vehicle orbital stages, operating spacecraft and any objects released as part of normal operations or disposal actions.

The requirements contained in this document are intended to reduce the growth of space debris by ensuring that spacecraft and launch vehicle orbital stages are designed, operated and disposed of in a manner that prevents them from generating debris throughout their orbital lifetime.

This document is the top-level standard in a family of standards addressing debris mitigation. It will be the main interface for the user, bridging between the primary debris mitigation requirements and the lower-level implementation standards that will ensure compliance.

This document does not cover launch phase safety for which specific rules are defined elsewhere.

This document identifies the clauses and requirements modified with respect to ISO 24113, Space systems — Space debris mitigation requirements, Second edition 2011-05-15 for application in ECSS.

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