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Číslo:45A/1280/CDV - IEC 63046 ED1
Komise:IEC/SC 45A
Název komise:Instrumentation and control of nuclear facilities
Návrh uveřejněn:5.08.2019
K připomínkám do:1.10.2019
Contact email:cermak(at)agentura-cas.cz

This International Standard:

provides requirements and recommendations (see Note) for the overall Electrical Power System. In particular, it covers interruptible and uninterruptible Electrical Power Systems including the systems supplying the I&C systems;

is fully consistent and coherent with IEC 61513. Like IEC 61513, this standard also highlights the need for complete and precise requirements, derived from the plant safety goals. Those requirements are prerequisites for generating the comprehensive requirements for the overall I&C and Electrical Power System architecture, and for the electrical power supply sub-systems;

has to be considered in conjunction with and at the same level as IEC 61513. These two standards provide a complete framework establishing general requirements for instrumentation, control, and Electrical Power Systems for nuclear power plants.

Note: In the following, the word “requirement” is used as a comprehensive term for both requirements and recommendations. The distinction appears at the level of the specific provisions where requirements are expressed by “shall” and recommendations by “should.”

This International Standard establishes:

the high level specification and requirement to implement a suitable Electrical Power System in a NPP that supports reactor safety systems. It also enables electrical energy production providing the transmission grid with active, reactive power and electro-mechanical inertia;

the relationships between:

the plant safety requirements and the architecture of the overall Electrical Power System and its sub-systems (see Figure 1) including:

the contribution to the plant Defence in Depth;

the independency and redundancy provisions;

the electrical requirements and the architecture of the Electrical Power System and its sub-systems;

the functional requirements and the architecture of the Electrical Power System and its sub-systems;

the requirements associated with the maintenance strategy and the architecture of the Electrical Power System and its sub-systems;

the design of Electrical power sub-systems (e.g. interruptible and uninterruptible);

the requirements to supporting systems of Electrical Power System (HVAC, I&C, etc.);

the Electrical Power System life-cycle framework.

The standard does not cover the specification of:

I&C systems;

the transmission lines connecting to outdoor switchyards;

electrical equipment requirements already defined in the industrial IEC standards;

electrical power for security systems (e.g., fences, surveillance systems, entrance control);

lighting and socket facility.

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