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Číslo:prEN 50291-1:2017
Komise:CLC/TC 216
Název komise:Gas detectors
Návrh uveřejněn:25.01.2017
K připomínkám do:2.03.2017
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This European Standard specifies general requirements for the construction, testing and performance of electrically operated carbon monoxide gas detection apparatus, designed for continuous operation in domestic premises. The apparatus may be mains-powered or battery-powered. Such apparatus is intended to warn of an accumulation of CO, enabling the occupant to react before being exposed to significant risk.

Additional requirements for apparatus to be used in recreational vehicles and similar premises are specified in EN 50291‑2.

NOTE 1     For caravan holiday homes EN 50291–1 applies.

This European Standard specifies two types of apparatus, these are:

—    type A – to provide a visual and audible alarm and an executive action in the form of a transmittable output signal that can be used to actuate directly or indirectly a ventilation or other ancillary device;

—    type B – to provide a visual and audible alarm only.

NOTE 2     Both type A and type B apparatus can be interconnected.

This European Standard excludes apparatus for:

—    the detection of combustible gases, other than carbon monoxide itself (see EN 50194‑1);

—    the detection of CO in industrial installations (see EN 45544‑1, EN 45544‑2 and EN 45544‑3) or commercial premises;

—    CO measurement for smoke and fire detection;

—    CO measurement in carparks and tunnels.

NOTE 3     See EN 50545–1.

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