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Komise : CEN/TC 399 (Gas turbines applications - Safety)
Původce: CEN
K připomínkám do: 7.06.2020
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This International Standard covers the safety requirements for aero derivative and industrial gas turbine prime mover applications using liquid or gaseous fuels and the safety related control and detection systems and essential auxiliaries for all types of open cycles (simple, combined, regenerative, reheat, etc.) used in onshore and offshore applications including floating production platforms.

This International Standard applies to mechanical, electrical, and pressure equipment components and systems necessary for the functionality of the prime mover. For example, but not limited to, a core gas turbine auxiliary gearbox, an output transmission gear box, combustion system, air filtration, gas turbine controls, oil systems, and fuel system. The standard also covers integration of safety risks within the overall installation eg exhaust purging or drainage.

This International Standard details the anticipated significant hazards associated with aero derivative and industrial gas turbine prime movers and specifies the appropriate preventative measures and processes for reduction or elimination of these hazards. This International Standard addresses the risks of injury or death to humans and risks to the environment. Equipment damage without risk to humans or the environment is not covered.

Gas turbine packages are generally specified using International Standards and national standards. Achieving safety is promoted by using additional safety codes and standards, which are shared by gas turbines with other technologies. It is necessary to recognize that local legislation in the country in which the equipment is to be put to use may not be covered by this International Standard.

The overall objective of this international standard is to ensure that equipment is designed, constructed, operated and maintained throughout its life in accordance with ISO 12100.

This International Standard approaches gas turbine safety from an international perspective based on the content of existing, recognized ISO and IEC standards to the greatest extent possible. Where no ISO or IEC standard exists, other codes or standards (such as EN, NFPA, etc.) have been included. Where local or national legislation accepts other established codes or standards, or an alternative international or national standard providing equivalent requirements for achieving risk reduction, the use of these alternative codes or standards in place of the references provided in Clause 2 is permissible.

This International Standard excludes the following items;

—    Exhaust system structural design

—    Driven equipment;

—    Micro turbines as covered by ISO 19372;

—    Gas turbines used primarily for direct and indirect propulsion;

—    Gas turbines used for mobile applications;

—    Special heat source applications;

—    Gas turbines in research and development programs;

—    Compressed-air energy storage plants.

Where appropriate, this International Standard can be used to give general guidance in such applications.

This document is not applicable to machinery or safety components that were manufactured before the date of its publication as an International Standard.