Oblast zaměření: Chlazení
Komise : CEN/TC 44 (Household refrigerating appliances and commercial refrigerated cabinets)
Původce: CEN
K připomínkám do: 2.06.2018
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This Standard specifies requirements for the verification of performance and energy consumption of refrigerated storage cabinets and counters for professional use in commercial kitchens, hospitals, canteens, preparation areas of bars, bakeries, gelateria, institutional catering and similar professional areas.

The products covered in this Standard are intended to store foodstuffs. It specifies test conditions and methods for checking that the requirements have been satisfied, as well as classification of the cabinets and counters, their marking and the list of their characteristics to be declared by the manufacturer.

It is not applicable to

—    refrigerated cabinets used in the direct sale of foodstuffs;

—    cabinets that carry out food processing and not just storage function (e.g. bakery cabinets that chill, heat and humidify);

—    cabinets with water cooled condenser;

—    appliances with remote condensing unit;

—    appliances with open top tables and saladettes for preparation or storage of foodstuffs;

—    cabinet specifically intended for storage of specific foodstuffs (i.e. fresh meat  fresh fish etc.) operating at a temperature different from those specified in Table 1;

—    chest freezers;

—    appliances intended for short time /intermittent normal operation during the full day;

—    built-in cabinet;

—    roll-in cabinet;

—    pass-through cabinet;

—    ice cream freezers.