Plynná paliva a hořlavé plyny

Oblast zaměření: Plynná paliva a hořlavé plyny
Komise : CEN/SS N21 (Gaseous fuels and combustible gas)
Původce: CEN
K připomínkám do: 5.11.2018
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This document gives a brief overview of each of the dynamic techniques which are described in detail in the following parts of ISO 6145. This document provides basic information to support an informed choice for one or another method for the preparation of calibration gas mixtures. It also describes how these methods can be linked to national measurement standards to establish metrological traceability for the composition of the prepared gas mixtures.

Since all techniques are dynamic and rely on flow rates, this first part of ISO 6145 describes the calibration process by measurement of each individual flow rate generated by the device.

Methods are also provided for assessing the composition of the generated gas mixtures by comparison with an already validated calibration gas mixture.

This document provides general requirements for the use and operation of dynamic methods for gas mixture preparation. It also includes the necessary expressions for calculating the calibration gas composition and its associated uncertainty.

Gas mixtures obtained by these dynamic methods can be used to calibrate or control gas analysers.

The storage of dynamically prepared gas mixtures into bags or cylinders is beyond the scope of this document.