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Oblast zaměření: Zařízení pro děti
Komise : CEN/TC 252 (Child use and care articles)
Původce: CEN
K připomínkám do: 8.08.2022
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This document specifies the safety requirements of pushchairs when used for running/jogging or inline skating, intended for the transport of one or two children up to 15 kg (EN 1888‑1) or 22 kg (EN 1888-2).

prEN 1888‑3 is only applicable in conjunction with EN 1888‑1, which states general requirements for pushchairs and prams; and, if applicable, in conjunction with EN 1888-2, which states requirements for pushchairs intended for children up to 22 kg.

prEN 1888-3 covers articles which are already compliant with EN 1888-1. If the pushchair is intended for children up to 22 kg, prEN 1888-3 assumes that the pushchair is already compliant under the requirements defined in EN 1888-2.

Pushchairs intended to transport the carer while pushing are excluded.