Kovové materiály

Oblast zaměření: Ocel
Komise : CEN/TC 459/SC 9 (Coated and uncoated flat products to be used for cold forming)
K připomínkám do: 22.07.2024
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This document specifies the composition of the base steel used for the production of tinplate for use in direct contact with foodstuffs or products for human and animal consumption as well as the composition of tin used to coat it. Tinplate can be produced with or without an organic coating.

The main examples of use are:

—    drinks cans,

—    food cans,

—    packaging of dry foods,

—    aerosol cans.

The material is chosen in accordance with the conditions for its use.

This document does not apply to categories of steel other than steel for packaging intended for use in contact with foodstuffs, products or beverages for human or animal consumption.