Oblast zaměření: Ocel
Komise : CEN/TC 459/SC 10 (Steel tubes, and iron and steel fittings)
Původce: CEN
K připomínkám do: 7.05.2019
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This International Standard specifies uniform methods for the testing and performance evaluation of metallic tube connections, stud ends for ports and flange connections for use in hydraulic fluid power applications. This International Standard does not apply to the testing of hydraulic quick-action couplings, which is covered by ISO 18869.

Tests outlined in this International Standard are independent of each other and document the method to follow for each test. See the appropriate component International Standard for which tests to conduct and for performance criteria.

For qualification of the connector, the minimum number of samples specified in this International Standard is tested, unless otherwise specified in the relevant connector standard or as agreed upon by the manufacturer and the user.