Tekutiny pro použití v elektrotechnice

Komise : IEC/TC 10 (Fluids for electrotechnical applications)
K připomínkám do: 7.08.2018
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This document defines requirements for characterization of unused modified esters or blends of unused esters used as insulating liquids for electrotechnical applications.  It does not cover liquids that contain any proportion of used liquids.

The liquids covered by this document are intended mainly for transformer applications.

Unused modified/synthetized esters are derived from natural or synthetic base, or are blends of both. The document covers a variety of ester liquids not covered by other standards specific to natural esters IEC 62770 or synthetic esters IEC 61099.

Due to addressing various categories of liquids, this document also covers a wide range of values for certain performance characteristics. An important property is viscosity, which may affect the design and cooling performance of electrical equipment. A categorization is defined based on the kinematic viscosity of the different liquids. The category of low viscosity ester liquids is established.