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Komise : IEC/TC 56 (Dependability)
K připomínkám do: 12.09.2018
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This document provides requirements and guidance for Obsolescence Management applicable to any organization who is dependent on another organization to obtain value from the usefulness of the items that they provide. A cost-effective Obsolescence Management process and the activities used to implement the process are applicable throughout all phases of an item’s life cycle.

This document covers the following areas:

establishing Obsolescence Management policy;

establishing infrastructure and organization;

developing an Obsolescence Management Plan (OMP);

developing strategies to minimise obsolescence during design;

determining Obsolescence Management approach;

selecting obsolescence resolution and implementation;

measuring and improving the performance of the outcomes of the Obsolescence Management activities.

Guidance on Obsolescence Management is included as notes, in the Informative Annexes and references in the Bibliography.