Oblast zaměření: Beton
Komise : CEN/TC 104 (Concrete and related products)
Původce: CEN
K připomínkám do: 24.12.2018
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This document describes the procedure for obtaining the non-steady-state chloride migration coefficient of specimens of hardened concrete at a specified age. The test procedure does not take into account any interaction of concrete with the saline solution over time. The test result is a durability indicator with respect to the resistance of the concrete investigated against chloride penetration.

The test procedure does not apply to concrete specimens with surface treatments such as silanes.

If the aggregate is electrically conductive or porous this will influence the magnitude of chloride migration. This fact is taken into account when establishing threshold values. It prevents comparison of chloride migration values between concretes if the aggregates show a difference of half an order of magnitude (higher or lower) of chloride migration.

Similar influence may be seen when metallic or electrically conducting fibres or particles are present.