Požární zkoušky

Oblast zaměření: Požární zkoušky
Komise : CEN/TC 127 (Fire safety in buildings)
Původce: CEN
K připomínkám do: 19.11.2019
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The purpose of this document is to provide the principles and guidance for the preparation of extended application documents for combined penetration seals where the systems were tested in accordance with EN 1366-1, EN 1366-2 and EN 1366-3. The field of the extended application document is additional to the direct field of application given within EN 1366-1, EN 1366-2 and EN 1366-3 and can be applied on a number of tests from each standard, which provide the relevant information for the formulation of an extended application.

This EXAP is intended to allow the penetration sealing of more than one service (e.g. Cables, Pipes, Conduits, Fire resisting ducts and Fire dampers) in the same penetration.