Výrobky z prefabrikovaného betonu

Komise : CEN/TC 229 (Precast concrete products)
Původce: CEN
K připomínkám do: 14.06.2022
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This document identifies the essential characteristics of precast concrete products made of reinforced or prestressed normal weight or light weight concrete, used for the frame, foundation, floors, walls, stairs and roofs of building and civil engineering works, and for garages, boundary fences, masts and poles.

This document also covers blocks made of other materials than concrete and intended to be used in concrete beam-and-blocks floor systems.

This document specifies procedures for assessment and verification of constancy (AVCP) of performance of characteristics of those elements.

This document does not cover the following concrete products:

—    Masonry and ancillary products,

—    Lighting columns and spigots,

—    Roof covering products for discontinuous laying,

—    Chimney components,

—    Products for wastewater treatment,

—    Prefabricated reinforced components of autoclaved aerated concrete or light-weight aggregate concrete with open structure,

—    Paving units and kerbs,

—    Road equipment,

—    Elements made with concrete containing more than 1 % of homogeneously distributed organic material, by mass or by volume (whichever is the most onerous).

This document does not cover the design, production, handling, installation of the elements and the water tightness of joints between elements.