Otopné soustavy pro budovy

Oblast zaměření: Otopné soustavy pro budovy
Komise : CEN/TC 228 (Heating systems and water based cooling systems in buildings)
Původce: CEN
K připomínkám do: 23.05.2022
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This document cover heat pumps for space heating, domestic hot water production and alternate operation, where the same heat pump delivers the heat to cover the space heating and domestic hot water heat requirement.

The document provides a calculation method under steady conditions that corresponds to one calculation interval.

This calculation is intended to be connected to the whole building calculation model and takes in account the external conditions and building controls that influence the energy requirements for heating supplied by the heat pump system.

The scope of this standard is to standardize the:

—    required inputs;

—    calculation methods;

—    required outputs;

of the generation for space heating and domestic hot water production of the following heat pump systems:

—    electrically-driven vapour compression cycle (VCC) heat pumps;

—    combustion engine-driven vapour compression cycle heat pumps;

—    thermally-driven vapour absorption cycle (VAC) heat pumps,

using combinations of heat source and heat sink listed in Table 1.