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Oblast zaměření: Přístroje jaderné techniky
Komise : IEC/SC 45A (Instrumentation and control of nuclear facilities)
K připomínkám do: 7.07.2020
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This international Standard provides criteria for spent fuel pool instrumentation for nuclear power generating stations and other nuclear facilities. The Standard applies to water filled spent fuel pools where the water volume is necessary to prevent a release of fission products that exceeds allowed operational limits.


The purpose of this Standard is to establish design, performance, qualification, and display criteria for spent fuel pool instrumentation for normal operation, anticipated operational occurrences, design basis events, and design extension conditions (including severe accident conditions).


This Standard applies only to instrumentation for monitoring the condition of the spent fuel pool, i.e., pool level, pool temperature, and area radiation. It does not apply to control systems that are related to the spent fuel pool such as: the pool cooling systems, isolation valve control, crane instrumentation and control, or refuelling machine instrumentation and control.

In some plant designs some of the instruments covered by this Standard also provide inputs to protection system functions. Such instruments must also comply with requirements for protection systems that are given elsewhere.

The requirements applied to the systems and components performing these functions depend on how they contribute to the safety of the spent fuel pool.