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Komise : IEC/TC 107 (Process management for avionics)
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This part of IEC 62668, which is a standard, defines requirements for avoiding the use of counterfeit, recycled and fraudulent components used in the aerospace, defence and high performance (ADHP) industries. It also defines requirements for ADHP industries to maintain their intellectual property (IP) for all of their products and services. The risks associated with purchasing components outside of franchised distributor networks are considered in IEC TS 62668-2. Although developed for the avionics industry, this specification may be applied by other high performance and high reliability industries at their discretion.

NOTE  IEC 62668 series does not address the restriction on the re-use of a component in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations and only address MRO activities when it is under OEM’s responsibility.