Kabely a vodiče pro telekomunikace

Komise : IEC/SC 46C (Wires and symmetric cables)
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This part of IEC 61156 describes cables intended to be used for transmission of 1 Gbit/s over a single twisted pair for office, home and industrial application. An example of existing application is 1000BASE-T1, see ISO/IEC TR 11801-9906[1]. The transmission characteristics of these cables are specified up to a frequency of 600 MHz and at a temperature of 20°C. The cable type recognised is intended to be used for the work area wiring of shielded channels with a nominal length of 40 m. Possible designs are U/FTP, X/UTP and X/FTP, where X stands for F, S or SF.

These cables may comprise more than one pair in case several systems are operated in parallel. In this case, refer to clause 7 of this document.

The cables covered by this International Standard are intended to operate with voltages and currents normally encountered in communication systems. While these cables are not intended to be used in conjunction with low impedance sources, e.g. the electric power supplies of public utility mains, they are intended to be used to support the delivery of low voltage remote powering applications.


[1] under consideration