Elektromechanické součástky

Oblast zaměření: Elektromechanické součástky
Komise : IEC/SC 48B (Connectors)
K připomínkám do: 11.12.2018
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This part of IEC 60512, when required by the detail (product) specification, is used for testing connectors within the scope of IEC technical committee 48. This test may also be used for similar devices (i.e. when the degradation mechanisms are the same) when specified in a detail (product) specification.

The object of this test is to define a standard test method to assess the ability of connectors to function in a specified manner, in a specified environment which might be encountered during normal use, including storage.

This document provides a standard composite test method for determining the suitability of connectors when subjected to environmental conditions consisting of a sequence of temperature, humidity and, where required, low air pressure environmental stresses.

The order of application of the stresses and the conditions for the change from one step to the next have been chosen to accelerate, amplify and allow potential interactions of degradation mechanisms of the same type as those observed under natural climatic conditions.

In this composite test, connector specimens are exposed to environmental tests in a standard order and categorized according to their climatic category as assigned by the detail (product) specification, except that the third group of digits is used as an indication of the number of cycles in step 5 of the damp heat cyclic test according to IEC 60512-11-12.

Where any modification is necessary, the relevant connector detail (product) specification provides the necessary information for each step in the method.

This test is frequently specified to follow other tests involving mechanical stress, for example tests for robustness of terminations, solderability, shock and vibration, as a means of determining whether the sealing of the specimen has been damaged.