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Oblast zaměření: Světelné zdroje a svítidla
Komise : IEC/SC 34B (Lamp caps and holders)
K připomínkám do: 10.03.2020
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Oblast zaměření: Vláknová optika
Komise : IEC/SC 86B (Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components)
K připomínkám do: 6.08.2020
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This document applies to the family of fibre optic filters. These components have all of the following general features:

they are passive for the reason that they contain no optoelectronic or other transducing elements which can process the optical signal launched into the input port;

they modify the spectral intensity distribution in order to select some wavelengths and inhibit others;

they are fixed, i.e. the modification of the spectral intensity distribution is fixed and cannot be tuned;

they have input and output ports or a common port (having both functions of input and output) for the transmission of optical power; the ports are optical fibre or optical fibre connectors;

they differ according to their characteristics. They can be divided into the following categories:

short-wave pass (only wavelengths lower than or equal to a specified value are passed);

long-wave pass (only wavelengths greater than or equal to a specified value are passed);

band-pass (only an optical window is allowed);

notch (only an optical window is inhibited);

gain flattening (compensating the spectral profile of the device).

It is also possible to have a combination of the above categories.

This document provides the generic information including terminology of IEC 61753-04x series documents. Published IEC 61753-04x series documents are listed in the Bibliography.

This document establishes uniform requirements for the following:

optical, mechanical and environmental properties.