Elektrická trakční zařízení

Oblast zaměření: Elektrická trakční zařízení
Komise : IEC/TC 9 (Electrical equipment and systems for railways)
K připomínkám do: 14.08.2018
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This International Standard specifies the requirements for the performance of all fixed installations electronic power converters, using controllable and/or non-controllable electronic valves, intended for traction power supply.

The devices can be controlled by means of current, voltage or light. Non-bistable devices are assumed to be operated in the switched mode.

This Standard applies to fixed installations of following electric traction systems:

–   railways,

–   guided mass transport systems such as: tramways, light rail systems, elevated and underground railways, mountain railways, trolleybusses.

This Standard does not apply to

–   cranes, transportable platforms and similar transportation equipment on rails,

–   suspended cable cars,

–   funicular railways.

This Standard applies to diode rectifiers, controlled rectifiers, inverters and frequency converters.

The equipment covered in this Standard is the converter itself.