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Oblast zaměření: Elektrická vozidla
Komise : IEC/TC 69 (Electrical power/energy transfer systems for electrically propelled road vehicles and industrial trucks)
K připomínkám do: 11.11.2020
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This part of the IEC 61851 series, together with [IEC 61851-1 Ed. 3] and [IEC 61851-23 Ed 2.0][1], gives the requirements for DC electric vehicle charging stations with an Automated connection device (ACD) for conductive connection to the vehicle, with a rated supply voltage up to 1 000 V AC or up to 1 500 V DC and a rated output voltage up to 1 500 V DC.

NOTE 1 This standard includes information on EV for conductive connection, but limited to the necessary content for describing the power and signalling interface.

This part specifies the DC charging systems with an Automated connection device based on

system A described in Annex AA of [IEC 61851-23 Ed 2.0].

system B described in Annex BB of [IEC 61851-23 Ed 2.0].

system C described in Annex CC of [IEC 61851-23 Ed 2.0].

EMC requirements for DC EV charging stations are defined in [IEC 61851-21-2 Ed. 1 CDV].

This standard provides the general requirements for the control communication between a DC EV charging station and an EV. The requirements for digital communication between DC EV charging station and electric vehicle for control of DC charging are defined in [ISO15118-20 DIS] and [IEC 61851-24 Ed 2.0 CD].

This part only applies to Automatic couplers of category 2: using an electro-mechanical interface defined by [EN50696] for Systems described in Annex CC and Annex KK. System A, B are under consideration.

This part does not apply for Automatic coupler of category 1: using a vehicle coupler defined by IEC 62196-2 or IEC 62196-3. 

This standard does not cover all safety aspects related to maintenance.

Non-regulated DC EV supply equipment is not covered by this edition


[1] [IEC 61851-23 Ed 2.0] is at CDV stage at the moment of publication