Elektrické kabely

Oblast zaměření: Elektrické kabely
Komise : IEC/TC 20 (Electric cables)
K připomínkám do: 7.08.2018
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This International Standard specifies test methods and requirements for high temperature superconducting (HTS) AC power cable systems, cables and their accessories, for fixed installations, for rated voltages from 6 kV (Um = 7,2 kV) up to and including 500 kV (Um = 550 kV).

The requirements apply to single-core, three-core and three-phase concentric cables with cold dielectric and their accessories which are not intended for fault current limitation purposes.

This standard does not cover special cables and their accessories, such as fault current limiting cables or submarine cables, for which modifications to the standard tests may be necessary or special test conditions may need to be devised.

This standard does not cover the test methods and requirements for the cooling system.

NOTE For considerations regarding cooling systems refer to Annex A.