Dálkově řízené systémy

Oblast zaměření: Dálkově řízené systémy
Komise : IEC/TC 57 (Power systems management and associated information exchange)
K připomínkám do: 22.10.2019
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This part of IEC 61968 specifies profiles that can be used to exchange Network Models in a Utility or between a Utility and external applications to the utility. This standard provides a list of profiles which allow to model balanced and unbalanced distribution networks in order to conduct network analysis (Power flow calculation). Therefore it leverages already existing profiles (IEC 61970-45x based on IEC 61970-301 (CIM base) from WG 13 or profiles provided by WG 14 and based on IEC 61968-11 CIM extension for Distribution). This standard reuse some profiles without any change, or eventually extend them or restrict them. Moreover it propose other profiles to reflect Distribution needs.

This standard include informative parts, as CIM model extensions, which could be integrated in future versions of IEC CIM Model. These extensions have been used by some utilities for Utility internal information exchanges use cases and to support information exchanges between different market participants like Transmisstion System Operator (TSO), Distributed System Operator (DSO), Distributed Network Operator (DNO) and Significant Grid Users (SGU) including Generators and industry.