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Komise : IEC/TC 59 (Performance of household and similar electrical appliances)
K připomínkám do: 7.08.2018
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This Standard contains accessibility requirements to enable more accessible use of certain interactive elements found on household and similar electrical appliances by older persons and persons with disabilities. It provides guidance to achieve accessible designs of only control elements (e.g. knobs, buttons) including control panels and doors, lids, drawers and handles. It does not enable the full assessment of the overall accessibility of a household appliance.

This Standard covers supporting and auxiliary functions that a user performs regularly. Assembly, installation, configuration or repair of appliances are excluded.

This Standard provides test methods and data that support accessible design.

This Standard gives guidance to apply ISO/TR 22441:2008 and ISO/IEC Guide 71:2014 to the design of various interactive elements of household and similar electrical appliances. It does not deal with remote control by internet or mobile applications.  Touch controls elements are covered in this document (see also Annex A) but new interaction controls like gestures and speech control are not covered. It does not deal with safety issues.