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Komise : IEC/SC 22G (Adjustable speed electric drive systems incorporating semiconductor power convertes)
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This part of IEC 61800 applies to adjustable speed electric AC power drive systems, which include semiconductor power conversion and the means for their control, protection, monitoring, measurement and the AC motors.

It applies to adjustable speed electric power drive systems intended to feed AC motors from a BDM or CDM connected to line-to-line voltages up to and including 35 kV AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz and/or voltages up to and including 1,5 kV DC input side.

NOTE 1 Adjustable speed electric DC power drive systems intended to feed DC motors are covered by IEC 61800-1.

This part of IEC 61800 defines and describes a none exhaustive list of criteria for selection by responsible parties as BDM/CDM/PDS properties to be considered for the design of devices or equipment with related testing specification. It also suggests a selection of properties for driven equipment and extended products. The criteria and properties focus on the following item categories:

principal parts topology and classification of the PDS;

ratings, performance and functionality;


specifications for the environment in which the PDS is intended to be installed and operated;

other specifications which might be applicable when specifying a complete PDS.

Traction applications and electric vehicles are excluded from the scope of this standard.

This standard provides a non-exhaustive list from which minimum requirements can be used for the development of a specification between customer and manufacturer based on the application requirements. This same non-exhaustive list can be used by a manufacturer to determine the minimum requirements for a commoditised BDM/CDM/PDS without customer interaction based on the specified application of that BDM/CDM/PDS.

For some aspects which are covered by specific PDS product standards in the IEC 61800 series, this document provides a short introduction and reference to detailed requirements in these product standards.

This applies to the following aspects:

EMC requirements are covered by IEC 61800-3;

general safety requirements are covered by IEC 61800-5-1;

functional safety requirements are covered by IEC 61800-5-2;

type of load duty requirements are covered by IEC TR 61800-6;

Interface & use of profiles requirements are covered by IEC 61800-7 series;

power interface voltage specification are covered by IEC TS 61800-8.

ecodesign energy efficiency requirements of drive system are covered by IEC 61800-9 series