Elektrické spotřebiče pro domácnost a elektromechanické nářadí

Komise : IEC/TC 116 (Safety of motor-operated electric tools)
K připomínkám do: 24.10.2023
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IEC 62841-1:2014, Clause 1 is applicable, except as follows:


This document applies to hand-held pole-mounted pruners which are designed for use by one operator for cutting tree branches with a cutting device and a fixed or detachable elongated construction such that the cutting device is distanced from the handles or grasping surfaces during use.

The cutting device of pole-mounted pruners may be

a saw chain; or

a reciprocating saw blade.

This document does not apply to

chain saws as covered by IEC 62841-4-1; or

chain saws for tree service as covered by IEC 62841-4-9; or

hedge trimmers, including extended-reach hedge trimmers, as covered by IEC 62841-4-2; or

brush saws as covered in IEC 62841-4-4; or

scissors-type pruners; or

machines designed for use with a circular saw blade.

NOTE 101  Scissors-type pruners will be covered by a future part of IEC 62841-4.

NOTE 102 In Europe (EN IEC 62841-4-10) this document does not apply to pole-mounted pruners equipped with integral batteries.