Elektrická příslušenství

Oblast zaměření: Elektrická příslušenství
Komise : IEC/SC 23B (Plugs, socket-outlets and switches)
K připomínkám do: 6.08.2019
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This document provides a methodology and test procedures to be able to declare and verify the detection area for motion detectors using Passive Infra-Red technology in switches and appliance switches whether stand-alone (direct control of one or more applications) or connected to home and building electronic systems or building automation control systems (HBES/BACS) infrastructure/networks or similar.

It also provides a uniform way to present the test results.

The purpose of these detectors is to detect the major and minor movements of persons.

Detectors may have the added aim of measuring a level of ambient natural light with respect to a reference level and triggering a number of other functions.

Safety and EMC requirements are not covered by this document.