Svodiče přepětí

Oblast zaměření: Svodiče přepětí
Komise : IEC/SC 37B (Specific components for surge arresters and surge protective devices)
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This part of IEC 61643 is applicable to silicon PN-junction voltage limiters (overvoltage protectors) used in power and information & communication technology (ICT) systems surge protective devices (SPDs) and equipment ports with nominal system voltages up to AC 1 000 V (RMS) and DC 1 500 V.

This part of IEC 61643 provides information about silicon PN-junction voltage limiter junction arrangements, electrical characteristics, electrical ratings and application circuit examples in the following order:

Technology variants

forward biased semiconductor diodes

Zener breakdown semiconductor diodes

avalanche breakdown semiconductor diodes

punch-through semiconductor bipolar junction transistor diodes

fold-back semiconductor bidirectional transistor diodes

Component construction

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Application examples